Technology Promotes Sex More Quickly in Relationships

We all know texts have replaced love letters indelibly—albeit conveniently—but at what costs?

Magazines Shape and Men's Fitness teamed up to find out just how much technology has changed the bedroom. The magazines surveyed thousands of men and women on questions centered on how technology has affected communication, intimacy and the pace of relationships.

Survey Results:

--40% of women would choose their cell phone over sex for an entire year

--80% of women and 58% of men report technology is leading to sex sooner in the relationship

--70% of women and 63% of men Google or Facebook prospective dates

--70% of women have “sexted” their partner

--43% of women have been broken up with via text

--51% of respondents say couple-time feels less intimate than it used to

--72% of women think it's OK to check a phone during a date

--76% of women admitted they would look at their partner's email if he left it open

The editors of both Shape and Men's Fitness recently stopped by the Today Show to discuss the results with correspondents Kathie Lee and Hoda. The rise of technology, they mutually concluded, has the effect of a double-edged sword on relationships. On one hand, it facilitates easier communication; on the other hand, it promotes false intimacy.

Tell us: How has technology affected your relationship?