Nebraska and North Dakota Have Largest Cougar Populations


 alert! The biggest packs of cougars can be found roaming in Nebraska and North Dakota. According to a "heat map" released by, women over 40 in these two Midwestern states are most likely to be on the prowl for younger men.

The map shows that the next largest concentration of these fine creates is actually in the south. States like Florida and Alabama are teeming with cub-hunters. Some states with lean cougar populations? Idaho, Wyoming and New Mexico, where the breed is all but extinct.'s survey also found that cougars' preferred method of meeting younger men is online. As they get older, women become more aggressive hunting for cubs on the internet -- so much so that by age 60, women are more likely than men to start the conversation online.

The website's co-founder acknowledged, "The concept of older women dating much younger men, which in recent years has come to be known as the 'cougar phenomenon' is certainly prevalent in popular culture. However, our findings confirm that many women do, in fact, become more assertive as they age and date younger men, especially starting at age 40."

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