More Boomers Are Going Online to Find Love

Dating for boomers has, in general, become much easier than before. At least -- reports -- that's what the numbers are saying.

Online dating sites like, for example, are experiencing an increase in the boomer demographic. Specifically, the site saw an increase of eighty-nine percent in the last five years, making the 50-65 age group "the online dating site's fastest-growing demographic," reported. isn't the only online dating site that is seeing a boom middle-aged adults using this medium to find romance and companionship. is another site that has specifically seen a spike in members ages fifty and older. has more:

"...on, the website for Jewish singles, members in the 50-plus age group jumped 40% in just one year, from 2008 to 2009. JDate's parent company even has a site dedicated to the Boomer market,, which is its fastest growing property."

What exactly is it about online dating sites that draws boomers to go online instead of meeting other singles the conventional way? suggested that although online dating isn't traditional, it has actually become the conventional way of meeting people.

Anthropologist Helen Fisher, a consultant to and, doesn't see this trend as much of a surprise. Fisher told

"I've always felt that online dating would be most popular among people who are 50 to 65. They know everyone in their family and social circles. Where are they going to meet people? They don't have time to adopt new hobbies that are likely to introduce them to potential partners. And they are long past going to bars. In the old days we had different mechanisms, but those are gone."

According to JDate spokesperson Arielle Schechtman, reported, this new medium is more ideal for boomers than the younger age group: "Many Boomer daters sign up for online dating post-divorce or after a long dating hiatus. They are busy professionals, so being able to learn about potential dates online, on their own time scheduels, makes online dating more valuable to them than to other age groups."